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Discover a mobile app that’s a helping hand, making your center a place where everyone belongs. 

Secure Your Place in the Future of Community Engagement!

Boost your fundraising efforts, stay updated with push notifications, and engage members with exciting challenges.

Connect with your Community

An app that makes it easier for community centers to look after their work and connect with people.

A Helping Hand:

An App For You & Your Community

Consolidated Calendar

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Easily organize sessions, events, and check-ins in one place. Integrates seamlessly with league management and group exercise schedules, making scheduling a breeze for everyone.

Enjoy smooth, fast check-ins for entire families, saving time and streamlining your entry process.

Quick donations and effective fundraising help you grow your community

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Donations & Fundraising

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Features You Can't Miss:

Your App, Your Mission

Experience a branded app offering that reflects your organization's unique identity and mission.

Elevate Your Member Experience

From program recommendations to simplified group exercise scheduling and membership management, every aspect of the app is designed to enhance the user experience.

Access Everything from Anywhere

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a single login for both staff and members. Access valuable member data to empower effective decisions and meaningful interactions with app analytics.

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Discover a mobile environment that embraces everyone, fostering a sense of belonging and connectivity.

Common Questions

What is the app?

A comprehensive mobile app designed for mission-driven health and fitness organizations. It streamlines operations, enhances member experiences, and supports fundraising efforts, all through a user-friendly platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app improve member engagement?

Through features like easy class registrations and interactive challenges, the app keeps members actively engaged and connected to your organization. 

Can the app be customized to fit our organization's brand?

Yes, the app is fully customizable (additional charges do apply). You can showcase your organization's logo, colors, and branding elements to create a familiar experience for your members.  

Is the app secure and compliant?

Absolutely. We prioritize data security and privacy.  

How does the fundraising tool work?

Our fundraising tool provides a platform to create, manage, and promote fundraising activities, enabling you to reach and engage supporters directly through the app. 

Is training provided for staff?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training and support to ensure your staff can effectively utilize all the features of the app.