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When you’re navigating a shifting economic landscape, staying informed and adapting to trends is crucial. 

That’s why we created The Check-In – to support you with the industry insights you need to make a greater impact on your community.

The 2023 Check-In is your exclusive look into what members want and how your peers are performing in 2023. Identify the member trends and challenges nonprofit community centers are facing with the latest nonprofit performance data powered by Daxko Operations.

The 2023 Check-In: 5 Trends Transforming Nonprofit Community Centers

Learn what’s trending and turn insights into action.

Inside, you'll learn

  • January’s remarkable increase in new joins
  • The growing commitment of members to health and wellness 
  • An increasing demand for childcare 
  • The revenue potential of personal training services 
  • How membership dues increase compared to inflation

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